Information Security Policy
The information security policy contains an overview of all of Berkshire’s policies and procedures surrounding information security for BALANCEworks and all applications and data hosted by Berkshire.
Incident Response Policy
The incident response policy describes how Berkshire approaches security incidents within the BALANCEworks system and defines the process for how incidents should be reported and handled by Berkshire and how incidents will be communicated to users. Examples of the types of incidents handled are also listed within the policy.
System Description
The system description provides an overview of the BALANCEworks system, and discusses the infrastructure, software, staff, procedures and data that comprise the system.
Data Retention Policies
The data retention policies detail the length of time information is kept within an application.
Acceptable Use Policy
The Acceptable Use Policy provides information about the proper use and repercussions for the potential misuse of the system.

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