Data Retention Policies

Effective January 1, 2016

Last Updated: August 6, 2021


This document is for clients and prospective users who are interested in using applications developed and hosted by Berkshire, users of outsourcing and consulting services provided by Berkshire, attorneys and procurement officers of companies acquiring applications, internal Berkshire staff and IT personnel of Berkshire’s clients and prospective users.


The policies outlined below are the standards for the information in the delivery and execution of the products and services provided by Berkshire. These may be superceded by other mutually agreed upon terms but should be assumed to be the default behavior unless otherwise defined.

Data Retention by Product


While maintaining an active subscription, Berkshire will retain your affirmative Plans accessible online up to 3 years from the plan date. After three years, those plans will be archived (stored offline) for 2 years. All plans with a plan date older than 5 years will be removed permanently from the system and backups. Access to archived plans will be available by contacting Product Support at

If the balanceAAP Subscription is terminated, the plans will be accessible online for two years from the plan date, one additional year in archive, and then will be permanently removed from our systems.


Closed requisitions and their associated job seeker applications and profiles will be archived when the requisition has been closed for 36 months. At 36 months your data will be moved from the system into an export file that can be downloaded and stored by your company. The export file will include information about requisitions, job seekers, and include resumes, applications and job descriptions. This exportable file of your company’s balanceTRAK data will be available by download for 90 days. After 90 days, the balanceTRAK archive file will be removed from the system.


All Good Faith Effort information will be retained in the system as long as an active balanceAAP subscription is maintained. Upon expiration of the balanceAAP subscription, balanceREACH will be available for 90 days to access reports for any existing information.

Other Products and Consulting Services

Other products and services provided by Berkshire not defined above will be maintained online in Berkshire's systems for at least 3 years upon completion. After this period, information will be archived for 2 years and then subsequently removed from all systems.

Temporary Files

Temporary files used to produce results are removed from the servers as soon they are designated as no longer needed to complete a client request.


Daily backups of all production data for all systems are kept for six months. Hourly backups are retained for 24 hours.

System and Audit Logs

Various server, network and other system logs are kept for different lengths, but for no less than two months. Application logs are retained at least for two years and as long as the client has an active hosting agreement with Berkshire.

Financial and Administrative Information

All information related to the delivery of products and services, including documentation around the legal requirements for the operation of the business, are kept indefinitely while active, and kept for a minimum of seven years upon expiration.

Requests to Remove Data

In the event a client wishes to immediately remove all of their data from the system, either at the end of a subscription, or if cancelling an active subscription, the primary contact for an organization should reach out to their Berkshire account representative to request removal of all data in writing. Once submitted and verified, Berkshire will remove all client data at the file and database level. Analytics and logs required for performance monitoring that contain no Personally Identifiable Information may be retained for compliance and monitoring. Additionally, data will be retained in backups until aging out after 6 months.

The scope of products and services provided by Berkshire are not typically subject to local, state, federal or international Privacy laws (e.g. CCPA, GDPR, etc.). In the event an inidividual makes an independent request to remove data, Berkshire will adhere to any applicable laws, and provide notification to the organization who owns the data for approriate handling.

Date Version Summary of Changes
11/3/2016 1.1 Initial Policy Draft
8/4/2017 1.2 Annual Review of Policy
8/8/2018 1.3 Product names updated, balanceREACH added to policy.
7/23/2019 1.4 Annual Review of Policy, added information about backups, temporary files, and system logs.
8/12/2020 1.5 Annual Review of Policy, added language about balanceTRAK export, and a section for requesting removal.
8/06/2021 1.6 Annual Review of Policy. Added sections for audience, assumptions and incorporated th definition for the retention of financial records and for other products and services not previously covered.

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